Edoardo Nodari Web Developer

I'm a web developer.
I can help you build your next product.

I design, build & maintain web applications.

I work primarily with Python/Django on the back-end but I can take care of the front-end as well.

Have a new project in mind? Need help with an existing one?

Write me at info@nodari.me


I consider myself as a back-end developer but working on many solo projects gave me the opportunity to learn the full stack, which means I can bring your project from concept to completion.

On the back-end I usually work with Python web frameworks, mainly Django for general-purpose and Falcon when the project need a performance-oriented REST API.

On the front-end I can use CSS3 and HTML5 to design modern, responsive interfaces based on user needs and business goals, using different JavaScript frameworks efficiently when the project needs one.

Here's an example of the stack I employ, but picking up new languages or frameworks isn’t a problem.

About me

I'm a 24 years old developer from Mantova, working between north and center Italy.

I have 4 years of working experience ranging from office work to freelancing.